I’d rather have my front teeth drilled!

Let’s be frank; the decision to sell your boat can be difficult to say the least. Firstly, there’s the emotional attachment thing which is stressful enough. Then there’s having to deal with boat brokers and a retinue of ‘tire kickers’ come ‘bottom feeders’, expecting to snare a bargain at your expense. Somewhere along the line you just know that you’re going to get royally screwed!

Stop right here!

Take a deep breath!

You should know that there’s a simple switch that changes the playing field 180 degrees in your favor. That magic switch is ‘boat buyer emotion’.  Activating this switch dramatically improves your potential selling price and galvanizes action. It virtually eliminates ‘bottom feeders’, meaning that you will be dealing with genuine buyers. 

And you can do this yourself. Email me (stuart@over-boated.com) and I’ll forward my book. It’s an easy read; it works on all e-readers (eg. Kindle etc.) and it shows you how. It’s free and without obligation. 

In Over-Boated you will discover the key that unlocks the buyer’s emotional heart-space; the engine room where every buying decision is made. 

You will learn how to harness the subtle elements that drive the buying decision even where (as is often the case) the buying decision makes no logical sense. Believe me: boat buyers are never driven by logic.  This method is NOT about becoming a pushy salesperson. In fact, the book teaches: ‘never do any kind of sales spiel’! And there is a very good reason for this.

But what if you simply don’t have the time to DIY?

In this case we offer a DONE for YOU option where my team does it for you (click this link).

I say…enough is enough! It’s time to even-up the playing field. Emotion drives buyer response and big bucks to your bank account. The impact is not small…it’s huge! Email: stuart@over-boated.com to get started right away.



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The Zen of how to sell your boat for a great price…and not get royally SCREWED by brokers, tyre kickers and sundry 'bottom feeding' inhabitants of the maritime world