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Stuart Mears is a sailor, anarcho-blogger and writer on a select few non-fiction subjects that he claims to know something about.

In a peripatetic career that began in the hallowed canyons of O’Connell St, in the heart of Sydney’s financial district and ended in the caldera of a not quite extinct volcano; a gold mine off the coast of New Britain, PNG, with quite a few steps and missteps in between; he at one stage ran a thriving a yacht brokerage from his own classic yacht on which he was living (illegally) at the time in Sydney Harbour.

It was this experience that convinced him that the vendor’s key to selling a boat in any market conditions, is the rubric of buyer emotion.

Unfortunately buyer emotion is not even on the radar let alone integral to the traditional yacht broking business model; which fact has contributed to the post GFC crash in boat prices.

He wrote the book: “Over-boated” to even up the playing field, to provide DIY vendors with a powerful leveraged edge in the post-GFC boat market.

These days he lives in the village of Franklin, Tasmania in the heart centre of Australia’s renaissance wooden boat culture.

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The Zen of how to sell your boat for a great price…and not get royally SCREWED by brokers, tyre kickers and sundry 'bottom feeding' inhabitants of the maritime world

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