As a pre-requisite we ask you to read the Over-Boated book. It’s important information; it’s free and available by clicking the link on the right of this page.

The Done for You option is not for every boat owner. For example, your boat should have a potential to achieve six figures in the current market. That said, many owners have expressed surprise (shock!) when we appraised their vessel and achieved sale prices well into six figures, when the owners in these cases valued their boat at less than $100,000.

So, from the book you will know that vessel presentation is vitally important, and the Over-Boated book provides you with a valuable presentation guide.

Subject to location, we may be able to assist with resources if needed, to upgrade your boat presentation at reasonable rates.

With vessel presentation in hand, you will also know that there are indispensable tools required to ensure that you get the best price for your boat; namely:

A website with a URL incorporating your boat name, which includes the following;

A detailed vessel inventory with graphics;

A video incorporating drone footage and stills of the boat underway (for sail-boats… underway means sailing);

A provenance & history page.

Doing it for you’ involves the following steps:

We visit you on-board to get to know you and your boat, plus discuss price potential and respond to your questions regarding the process;

With your agreement to proceed, we register the URL on your behalf and secure a 12 month hosting arrangement;

We bring our professional boat photographer into the picture for interior/ exterior shots and to take the drone footage;

We arrange for the photo shoot using our photo boat, with timing and location to achieve optimal conditions;

Our producer puts the video together with headline, stills, drone footage with music selected to stir the emotional juices;

We build the website which features the video and all supporting material, which for reasons outlined in the book needs to be comprehensive;

With the website complete, we write your advertisement, incorporating the aforementioned headline and URL.

We will either coach you to handle enquiries or we handle them on your behalf and arrange inspections (we generally recommend the latter).

Depending upon location, we either coach you or arrange to be present at inspections.

We handle price negotiations in a manner that we have found to be most effective.

We draw up a contract for sale and hold the 10% deposit in escrow pending settlement. Should the sale not proceed the deposit is returned to the putative buyer.

Costs: Pre-Sale & Post-Sale

With the organizing of a URL registration and 12 months hosting, we bill you for these outlays as they arise at cost (zero margin). Bills for Photography, Production and Yacht Hub advertising will be presented as they fall due.

Expect the following pre-sale costs:

URL: approx. $50,

Hosting: approx. $150

Photographer: $550

Producer: $750

Yacht-Hub: Approx. $260 (for advertising on Yacht Hub and Boats On Line for 2 months)

In the event that additional pre-sale costs are likely to be incurred they will be pre-approved by you.

Post Sale: We charge 10% commission on the sale price achieved, which equates to the buyer deposit.

If you believe that the DONE FOR YOU option could work for you, contact Stuart ( for an informal chat.

The Zen of how to sell your boat for a great price…and not get royally SCREWED by brokers, tyre kickers and sundry 'bottom feeding' inhabitants of the maritime world