“I’ll eat my boat-shoes!”

So you want a web-site URL that incorporates your boat name…but the domain is already taken. What do you do?

It happens!

For instance, cruising the Australian coast, it’s amazing to see the number of cruising yachts with the boat name ‘Capricorn Dancer’. Having a boat with a common name is a non-issue except, when perhaps it comes time to sell your boat and choose a URL.

The URL www.capricorn dancer.com.au …if it’s not taken already, I’ll eat my boat-shoes!

The point is: what do you do in this predicament?

You need a boat for sale web-site and you really want it to incorporate the name of your vessel. But what about so called search engine optimisation (SEO); what would work best?

The point here is that SEO while potentially a powerful tool by way of digging up a likely vendor prospect, is always going to be secondary to the main game which is advertising in a place where buyers go to look at boats.

That said, the solution  is both simple and potentially quite powerful.

In fact there are two solutions.

The first is relevant to production vessels of known provenance.

For example, should your boat for sale be an Ericson 41, it is possible if not probable that the buyer will be looking for an Ericson 41, meaning that this is the search term likely entered into Google right off the bat.

Therefore the most ‘SEO productive’ URL solution, would be something like www.ericson41-lucy.com.au This broadcasts the genre of the vessel in addition to the name and location in a long string URL.

Alternatively should your vessel be a one-off and even if your vessel’s monika is Capricorn Dancer, you might incorporate elements from your headline in the URL, like forinstance; www.capricorn-dancer-elegance-afloat.com.au

And I’ll leave the boat-shoes for another day.

Easy huh?