Over-boated? – elevator speech

Going down again?

In corporate land from which place I was rudely ejected many years ago it was de-rigeur to have on hand an ‘elevator speech’; that being as I was led to understand, a succinct summation of what you’re about.

In those terms the Over-boated? ‘elevator speech’ goes something like this.

“When the day comes that you know you have to sell your boat, there’s a certain feeling of negative anticipation that descends upon the vendor…being…you!

It’s not just that you’re quite attached to the old girl and can’t quite imagine life without her; more to the point is the anticipation that you’re about to be royally screwed…again!

You just know it!

Somewhere between the pestilential boat broker pushing you to accept the offer of some bottom feeding opportunist and the bottom feeder himself who confidently expects to screw you and steal your boat for a miserable pittance (Oh…it’s a buyer’s market don’t you know), there’s one thing that you do know as surely as night follows day….selling a boat via the conventional boat broker route can be and usually is, a majorly loss making and depressing  process!

Well my friend, if this is NOT what you need in your life, it’s high time we turned the tables!

I mean by ‘turning the tables’ a reversal of roles whereby the vendor becomes the screwer and the buyer the screwee!

My role as your humble mentor is to facilitate your education and guide your progress.

That’s what “Over-boated?” is about.”

The only question Dear Reader is: are you up for it?

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