“Ain’t nothin for nothin” (sic)

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As my old man would say : “there ain’t nothin for nothin in this world and very little for sixpence.” He was fond of dishing out gratuitous advice to anyone who would listen and to plenty who wouldn’t …including most notably, my young-self.

Truth is the old man, thought he knew everything but oftentimes was merely broadcasting his ignorance. Sometimes there really is decent stuff around and sometimes; surprise, surprise, it really is for free.

For instance DIY boat vendor advertisers in the The Coastal Passage now have access to a free copy of Over-boated (the book) in whichever format is e-reader compatible. If you are one of them send me an email at editor@over-boated.com and specify your e-reader.

Additionally the author offers TCP advertisers a critique of your boat for sale presentation – a few suggestions that is to improve response and better your chances of hooking the ideal buyer.

And like his sainted mother was fond of saying: “no one likes a smart arse”…he promises to be on his best behavior, to be positive and encouraging at all times, so no reason not to take him up on the offer.

It’s free…promise!