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Overboated - High ResolutionClick this link (below) to preview the first couple of chapters

—>“Over-boated?” Preview


E-pub is the correct format for all e-readers other than kindle (the e-book vendor is Mortgage Stress Roadmap Limited – a not for profit, e-publisher). If you don’t have a PayPal account or don’t like PayPal, no problem, you can still use your credit card or debit card via the PayPal portal by clicking the credit card option box at the end of the PayPal process. PayPal_Logo Add to CartIf you use an Amazon kindle e-reader the correct e-book format is e-mobi. In this case use this ADD TO CART button below. Add to CartIf you would rather have the book in pdf format, use the ADD TO CART below.PayPal_Logo

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DownLoad Instructions: When you click the download link you will be taken to a window that looks like this window below. Important that you DON’T click on ‘Open File’.Windows cannot open e-pub or e-mobi files. Rather …you should click on ‘Save File’. The file will be saved to your Downloads folder.

How_to_down-load_your_book_purchaseGo to your Downloads folder (User-Downloads), find the Over-boated e-pub or e-mobi file and once your e-reader is connected to your computer (by USB cable or WiFi), copy the e-pub or e-mobi file and paste to your e-reader directory folder. If your reader is smarter than mine, it will automatically load the file.

Otherwise, as is the case with my garden variety Kindle, the directory folder is ‘documents’.


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